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A: Whole kernel corn seasoned with our special blend of cajun powder

A: The choice trimmings of all of our smoked meats teamed up with corn, fresh tomatoes, celery, assorted spices and slow simmered for hours on end to reach perfection by Lewiston’s finest soup artisans.

A: No, Brickyard does not use any nut oils in preparing our foods. We use only Grade A Trans-Fat FREE Vegetable Oils. However, We DO use Caramelized Pecans in many of our recipes so please ASK YOUR SERVER about what may have come in contact with your food if you have Tree Nut Allergies.

A: Pig “Wings” are the drumstick portion of the pork shank. Those of you familiar with Buffalo Wings will recognize a similarity…

A: Brickyard House Rub is a secret blend of 17 herbs, spices and salts. When you have a product this good… of course you can’t give out your secret. HOUSE RUB IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

A: St Louis ribs are from the front section of the rib cage, are generally flatter with more meat, but generally considered tougher. “Baby” Back ribs are cut from the vertebrae section of the rib cage, frequently more tender though smaller and quite curved.

A: A southern tradition. Red Kidney Beans, Rice, Spicy Andouille Sausage, Celery and a secret blend of house spices. NOT VEGGIE FRIENDLY!!

A: RELAX!!!!!!! It means we’re doing our job properly by the laws of smoked BBQ. Smoking foods means following the phrase “Low and Slow”. At Brickyard we smoke our meats at temperatures up to 225 degrees for up to 14 hours depending on the meat. This low and slow cooking process combined with the careful monitoring of the smoking cycle gives smoked meats the trademark “PINK RING”. We love the pink ring at Brickyard.

A: I can’t believe we still get this one. Our house bourbon is Evan Williams’ Green Label and if you are of legal drinking age in the U.S., you may get a shot of bourbon as one of your side items! True Story.

A: Keep in mind that you are in a house of meat worship. We do our best to provide a few menu items and be sensitive to the Vegetarians who visit us, but BBQ and Vegetarian don’t really go together. For those of you who do not eat meat, we offer several salads and many sides that are indeed veggie friendly. Please ask your server if you have any questions.

A: We get this one a lot… and fortunately for you this one is hard for us to answer. We carry 38 beers on tap and rotate them as often as we can. Week to week this answer will change so it is always best to ask your friendly bartender or server for a beer list. Brickyard also carries 75 different bottled beers from around the world. From Lambics to Weisse-bier, Ales, IPA’s, Porters, Lagers and Stouts, we’ve got you covered. Your best bet is to ask your server about a particular style of beer you like and have them give you suggestions from our beer menu. We pride ourselves on having one of the best selections in town, please don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable and friendly staff for a sample.

A: Yes, we currently have one type of Gluten free beer in stock, REDBRIDGE.

A: Yes, please refer to our merchandise page for pricing and ordering.